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Version covering calibers 5.5 (.22) and 4.5 (.177).

We are proud to present our DATAC ® V3 carbon nylon suppressor for the Stoeger XM1 in gauges 5.5 and 4.5. This new high-end version has been completely redesigned and improved to offer an even more enjoyable shooting experience.

Compact, light and formidable, the DATAC sound moderator for the Stoeger XM1 makes the shot inaudible thanks to its AIR-FENCE system. Only the mechanics of the weapon and the sound of the impact on the target are audible. At DATAC, quality is our trademark. The DATAC V3 silencer makes the XM1 more discreet than its counterpart equipped with a sound moderator and even more discreet than the GAMO ARROW.

The DATAC V3 sound suppressor integrates perfectly into the environment of your weapon without obscuring the sights.

Sound level*:

The tests were carried out on an XM1 in caliber 5.5 (.22) with a 30J valve in order to maximize the possible decibel production.

  • Over 10 shots without moderator, the average is 107.5 dB.
  • Over 10 shots with the DATAC® sound suppressor, the average is 88.4 dB, a difference of 19.1 dB. Knowing that multiplying the sound level by 2 amounts to adding 3 dB, our moderator makes the XM1 6 times more discreet in its noisiest configuration. For an XM1 in 19.9J manufacturer, the decibel level will be even lower with our moderator.

Facility :

  • Insert the suppressor into the end of the barrel.
  • Secure the retaining plate with the two BTR screws.

All you have to do is enjoy total discretion!

DATAC ® is your accessory professional in the field of armaments.

Material: PA-12 CF (Carbon nylon)

Composition: PA-12 CF (Carbon Nylon), high-end nylon alloy reinforced with carbon fiber. Heavyweight champion in resistance to shocks and high temperatures, it is used in particular in the aeronautical and automobile industries for its exceptional and unrivaled properties.

Stoeger XM1, BTR key and lead not included.


Version for: Cal.5.5 .22 and cal.4.5 .177, not compatible with the supressor version.

Robust, light and versatile , the DATAC Nylon Carbon rail is the universal tactical solution missing from the formidable Stoeger XM1.

Allows the addition of a mono-rail foot or on side rails as well as any accessory compatible with the 21mm picatinny format (laser, level lamp, various supports, etc.).

Does not obscure the air recharge inlet/valve even with the widest adapters.

Blends seamlessly into your rifle's surroundings and does not interfere with the free-floating barrel.

Rail DATAC OPERATOR Nylon Carbon:

-Admits 2 21mm Picatinny side rails with 10 slots each.

-Admits 1 lower 21mm Picatinny rail with 5 slots.

-supplied with 4 M4*8 screws.


-Present the rail to the front of the air tank.

-Slide the rail against the chassis of the XM1.

-Fix the rail using the 4 M4*8 screws provided.

All you have to do is enjoy the best modularity for your Stoeger XM1.

Material: Nylon Carbon (Pa12-CF) Heavyweight champion in shock resistance, used in particular in the aeronautics and automobile industries.

DATAC your accessories professional in the field of armaments.

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