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DEPINGER DATACV3 kit for Bulldog .357 / sound improvement kit

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When it comes to high pressure PCP, nothing should be left to chance. Trust DATAC!

The new V3 version of the DEPINGER DATAC kit is even more efficient and even simpler to install, with no adjustments necessary.

Without competition, the DEPINGER V3 Kit is the best technology on the market for your bulldog 357, developed by DATAC Rennes.

The addition of high pressure rings coupled with a shape calculated to store vibrations makes the DEPINGER V3 Kit the best DEPINGER kit available to date.

Far from basic standards, the DEPINGER V3 Kit is specifically developed to offer unprecedented vibration absorption power when shooting, thus eliminating the "Ping" sound effect resonating in the air tank of your weapon with each shot. You thus gain hearing comfort and discretion.

Installing the kit:

  • Carefully empty the entire air reserve via the bleed screw located in front of the kick connect valve. Wait 15 minutes for all the air to be evacuated.

  • Dismantle the barrel protection casing using 2 screws at the front and one at the rear on the upper face, then push it forward to reveal the barrel.

  • Detach the flexible plastic butt plate from your rifle.

  • Remove the left (2 screws) and right (5 screws) upper covers covering the rifle's lever/reset system.

  • Remove the left (4 screws) and right (10 screws) lower covers.

  • Extract the rifle system including the barrel/reservoir/trigger block... from the plastic covers.

  • Unscrew the tank at its base, being careful not to unscrew its adapter/connector (it will be normal for the tank to be difficult to unscrew).

  • Place the diabolo-shaped Depinger at the entrance to the tank tube.

  • Using the cylinder, drive the depinger inside the tank along the entire length of the cylinder.

  • Remove the cylinder.

  • Your Depinger is now in place.

  • Optional: apply a thin strip of Teflon to the thread of the tank before assembly to ensure watertightness.

  • Reassemble the rifle.

Congratulations, you have just installed your Depinger kit!

Please note, an inch Allen key kit will be essential.

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