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30 RAVAGOR Cal.44

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Video not to be missed testing the RAVAGOR cal.44 by friend JP VADANA, a big thank you to him:

 Application of decree 2023-557 of September 1 Transfer to category B of RAVAGOR.

The RAVAGOR develops a very high speed surpassing any other cal.44 projectile in the field of black powder.

Its plastic shoe provides a perfect seal inside the barrel, reducing gas loss as much as possible and thus optimizing the pressure for black powder weapons.

The copper coating of the lead bullet increases both its hardness, but also the speed thanks to friction in the reduced area.

Designed to provide optimal penetration and expansion on impact, the RAVAGOR has a remarkable degree of finish.

For use with a conventional PN load of 0.6 grams to 1.5 grams depending on shooter requirements.

Technical aspect:

The sabot is designed in a variant of PET-G selected for its ability to accept the constraints specific to a gunshot: high pressure/heat at its base, deformation/friction ratio with return to its original structure in order to fit scratches as well as possible and provide the smoothest possible surface at the exit of the barrel.

This material allows minimal or no clogging depending on the load used while preserving the life of the barrel of your gun.

The RAVAGOR admits a precision slightly lower than a classic bullet/warhead of 15 to 25m, information to be correlated with the variables linked to each shooter (load, precision...) its main vocation being firepower.

The copper bullet is secured in the shoe and separates from it on impact at the moment when its expansion begins, thus avoiding slowing down its course allowing optimal perforation and expression depending on the material/target employee.

the challenge was to find the right compromises in order to legally produce category D copper-plated ammunition offering unprecedented firepower and destructive power for a handgun in the over-the-counter market.


The RAVAGOR is reserved for black powder weapons only and constitutes a category d projectile. This projectile offers a very high destructive power/lethality and is therefore not a toy, so all safety precautions/respect for shooting practice are required when using it in order to guarantee maximum safety for the shooter and his/her environment. We cannot be held responsible for any use that transgresses the domain of sports shooting, fun shooting and recreational shooting specific to category D weapons.

Product protected by intellectual property rights, any misappropriation/reproduction of our products will give rise to legal proceedings.

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